How to use Jupiter Edge UPI Pay Later Service?


If you are looking for a Pay Later Service app, then Jupiter Edge is a great app. Jupiter Edge was earlier known as Bullet. But now it has been launched with new logo avatar and features.

So let’s know? What is Jupiter Edge? How to use Jupiter Edge UPI Pay Later Service?

What is Jupiter Edge?

Jupiter Edge is an app with UPI Pay Later Service. With the help of this app, you can scan any UPI QR Code and make payments. On this payment, you are given a credit limit without any interest.

The Jupiter Edge app is a smartphone application available on both Android and iOS. This application software converts the highly convenient UPI payment system into a new way of accessing credit services through Pay Later Services. It has a payment cycle of about 15 days.

In this post, we will discuss how to get credit with the help of UPI payment Jupiter Edge UPI Pay Later How to use the feature

How does the Jupiter Edge app work?

Jupiter’s Edge is a digital UPI Pay Later application. Through this it can process the payment like a UPI application i.e. you can scan the QR code and receive the payment. Hence, this application works as a digital credit card.

This application provides you credit loan up to Rs.10,000. You can use this credit limit to make payments to businesses or merchants, both online and offline, without any additional interest rate for UPI-based payments.

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Features of Jupiter Edge UPI Pay Later Service?

  • Through this app, you can easily make payments to various offline merchants’ accounts by simply scanning the QR code.
  • You can pay the bill twice a month after making purchases from the credit limit through UPI.
  • There is no additional interest charge or any additional charges to be paid on the credit limit, so you do not need to worry about any additional charges.
  • You do not need any kind of documents for its verification. All you need is a PAN card and a mobile number. The credit limit is instantly deposited into the app.

Who can make payment using Jupiter Edge Application?

You can make payments at online and offline merchants that accept UPI payments. If you use the credit limit provided by Jupiter Edge App, then the bill will be generated on the 15th and last day of every month and you will have to pay the bill amount within 5 days of the bill generation period.

Jupiter Edge UPI Pay Later Repayment

Let us understand with an example – Jupiter will generate a bill on 15th and 30th June, respectively, based on the amount utilized from the credit limit for payment from the Edge app.

Now, you have to pay the bill on 20th June (for 15th June bill period) and 5th July (for 30th June bill period).

This way, your billing cycle is calculated to pay bills on time. You can use any UPI application to make your payment through this application and go for billing statement on the app, and make quick payment of your credit bill using any desirable UPI payment app like Paytm, You can choose from Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PhonePe etc.

Credit Limit in Jupyter Edge App?

Jupiter Edge UPI offers a credit limit which is similar to any credit card. It is very simple and easy to get credit limit through digital form on this app. You can get approval in less than 5 minutes.

You can get up to Rs 10,000 as a credit limit in this application. Based on the user’s mobile number and PAN card details, they provide you a credit limit for your UPI payment. Your generated credit limit on the app is based on CIBIL score or credit source.

How to use Jupiter Edge UPI Pay Later service?

  • From Google Play Store and Apple App Store Jupiter Edge Download the application.
  • After downloading the app, an interface will appear on the mobile screen. Click on the Go button.
  • Now, log in with your mobile number and accept all the terms by clicking on the check-box. now, the Go Ahead click on
  • Now, enter some basic details like your name, e-mail address, etc. (as per your PAN card). And then go to the next step.
  • Now, allow location access on the app and OK. click on
  • Upload a selfie of yourself through the selfie camera.
  • Now, after some time, it will automatically show your credit limit as per your CIBIL score or credit score.
  • it’s your Jupiter Edge UPI ID Will also make now, Create a Jupiter Edge PIN Will be an option. Click on it
  • Now, enter the MPIN and confirm it by re-entering the MPIN
  • After all these steps, a dashboard will appear on the main screen with your credit limit which you can use to make your payments.

Note: Through this app, you can send money only to online or offline merchant accounts. You may not send money to any individual User or individual UPI ID.

Last word:
So you need to know how to use Jupiter Edge UPI Pay Later service. We have covered every aspect of Jupiter Edge app in this article, still if you have any query or suggestion then please ask in comment section, we will be happy to help you.

Thank you for reading. Share this post with your friends who always wanted to get hassle free payment solution using UPI Pay Later. However, to exercise caution, please use the service responsibly, and pay your bills on time. Failure to pay bills will mark you as a defaulter, and reduce your CIBIL score. More importantly, you may also end up in a debt trap which will affect your credit standing.


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