LFI Board approves Corporate Logo and Tagline - Philippines Football League
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LFI Board approves Corporate Logo and Tagline

The Liga Futbol Inc. (LFI) Board of Directors has approved the new corporate logo and tagline last 23 April 2018.

The said logo contains the initials of the company together with design elements that symbolize the vision and the mission of the company and the tournaments under it.

The design of the new corporate logo features the company’s initials leaning forward to symbolize the company’s effort to drive professional and local football forward.

Also, it includes a football as a symbol of the sport that the company represents while containing the colors of the Philippines Football League (PFL).

In addition, the logo contains a map of the Philippines to represent the LFI’s vision of reaching out to every corner of the country while having a sun-like design making an impact on the ball similar to the company’s mission of influencing growth in local football.

On the other hand, the corporate tagline “Professionalizing Philippine Football” was designed to give personality to the company’s drive to promote professional football in the country as well as familiarize the stakeholders with the mission of the LFI. It was approved during the fourth Board of Directors meeting last 27 March 2018.